Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Specializing in R&D and manufacturing of molding equipment and ceramic raw material complete line equipment

Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Henglitai or the company) is a private enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of powder molding equipment and ceramic raw material complete line equipment. It originated in 1957 and has a history of more than 60 years. National High-tech Enterprise, National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise, National Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise, China's Top 20 Building Materials Machinery Enterprise, Guangdong Province 50 Key Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise, Guangdong Province Innovative Enterprise, Guangdong Province Strategic Emerging Industry ( Intelligent manufacturing) backbone enterprise, China Patent Award and Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award-winning enterprise.

The hydraulic automatic brick press produced by Henglitai is the core and key equipment of ceramic manufacturers. The overall technology is at the "international advanced" level. Famous-brand products in China's ceramic industry, famous-brand products in China's building materials machinery industry, national key new products, high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and famous-brand products in Guangdong Province. The products cover all major ceramic production areas in China and are exported to Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas More than 40 countries and regions have a very high reputation in the international arena.

Henglitai has a provincial engineering technology research center and a provincial enterprise technology center. It is the unit responsible for drafting the industry standards of ceramic tile presses and permeable brick presses, and the unit that participated in the drafting of industry standards for refractory brick presses. Relying on the ingenuity of "Ten Years of Grinding a Sword", the company has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of brick presses for 30 years, followed the business philosophy of "pursuing excellence and creating first", and actively implemented the diversified development strategy of presses. In recent years, it has successively launched Refractory brick presses, wall brick presses, permeable brick presses, YPL aluminum extrusion presses and other special press products have formed a product series of more than 40 specifications and models from 600 tons to 36,000 tons, with annual production capacity of various With the capacity of 700 sets of similar brick presses, it has strong R&D and production capabilities.

Taking advantage of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Henglitai set off a climax of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. In 1983, it successfully developed the first 8-ton belt-driven ball mill, filling the gap in the large-spec series of ball mills in my country, and creating a precedent for the belt drive of domestic ball mills. In the decade of the decade, the domestically-made modern ceramic production equipment such as feeders, wet vibrating screens, spray drying towers, roller kilns, and automatic brick presses were successively developed. Henglitai is committed to the overall planning and layout of raw material workshops in the ceramic industry, equipment manufacturing, and installation services through the implementation of the ceramic machine serialization development strategy, adheres to the development concept of "energy saving and environmental protection", integrates advanced technologies at home and abroad, and develops and launches grinding processing. Processing system, energy-saving large-tonnage intermittent ball mill, continuous ball mill, environmentally friendly assembled spray drying tower, multi-functional hot blast stove, and automatic batching system, and a series of innovative products, to provide customers with stable, efficient and intelligent ceramic raw material complete line engineering equipment .

In 2016, Henglitai established Foshan Delitai Technology Co., Ltd., committed to building the "Litai brand" into a world-class ceramic machinery complete line equipment aircraft carrier from raw material equipment, molding equipment and firing equipment, providing construction for global customers The overall solution for ceramic production and manufacturing.

Looking forward to the future, Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd. will cooperate with Foshan Delitai Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperate with friends from all walks of life. Accompanying the national "One Belt and One Road" development strategy, it will actively participate in the international competition to become stronger and bigger. The equipment industry makes greater contributions.

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