After-sales maintenance

Henglitai has always paid attention to after-sales service of products for many years, and has established more than ten after-sales service stations in China, India, Southeast Asia and other regions, forming a relatively complete after-sales service system. In order to allow users to obtain satisfactory after-sales service, the company has established a high-quality and efficient professional service team, and implemented a set of strict after-sales service management and assessment system. The company implements the "24 hours a day" after-sales service commitment, and establishes a 24-hour service hotline and service complaint hotline. The company also has a remote expert diagnosis assistance system.

Service purposes Quality service and customer satisfaction.

Service philosophy Service creates value, customer first, service first.

Service policyProfessional, efficient, high-quality, satisfied, sincere, fast, and thoughtful.

Pledge Provide 24 hours a day service. Respond quickly and solve problems. The true feelings revolve around the customer, and the service is around.

Service center
Domestic 24-hour service hotline: 13703068322 Service line : 86-757-87653968
Refractory press, aluminum extrusion press, wall material press service hotline:13955561373 Service line : 86-757-87336617
Guangdong Service Department Tel:0757-87653968/ 13703068322 Fax:0757-87653968
Hebei Gaoyi Service Department Tel:0311-84037581/18931981988 Tel:0311-84037581/18931981988
Henan Yuzhou Service Department Tel:0379-63576557/18638836277 Fax:0379-63576557
Guangdong Qingyuan Service Department Tel:0763-3240233/13680030944 Fax:0763-3240233
Sichuan Jiajiang Service Department Tel:0833-5688640/13981306730 Fax:0833-5688640
Shaanxi Xianyang Service Department Tel:0913-8612081/13892921953 Fax:0913-8612081
Shandong Zibo Service Department Tel:0533-2975791/13964489133 Fax:0533-2975791
Yunnan Yimen Service Department Tel:0877-4961208/13987737009 Fax:0877-4961208
Guangxi Teng County After-sales Service Department Tel:0774-7296944/18977476944 Fax:No
Shandong Linyi Service Department Tel:0539-8277897/13853951239 Fax:0539-8277897
Fujian Minqing Service Department Tel:0591-22463940/ 13809533061 Fax:0591-22463940
Hubei Dangyang Service Department Tel:0717-3229873/15897536255 Fax:0717-3229873
Liaoning Faku Service Department Tel:13998133411 Fax:No
Fujian Jinjiang After-sales Service Department Tel:0595-85070049/ 13808519394 Fax:0595-85070049
Hunan Yueyang Service Department Tel:0730-7502955/15115082020 Fax:0730-7502955
Dashiqiao branch of Liaoning Faku after-sales service department Tel:13998133411 Fax:No
Jiangxi Gaoan Service Department Tel:0795-5281196/13767566866 Fax:0795-5281196
Guizhou Service Department Tel:0851-82577650/13688505761 Fax:0851-82577650
Overseas after-sales service
Service point Telephone Fax Address Mail
India Service Department
Service center
+ 91-98985 74588 HLT INDIAN OFFICE:(Morbi,Rajkot,Gujarat)C/O Prajapati Roofing Tiles(Bhavani Cearmics) B/H Mob Cera Ceramic Industries(Astron Ceramics)MR.Rachana Society,OPP.Vishal Furniture Mall
Vietnam Service Department + 86-15916018992 Duong 310B,Thon Luong Cau,Xa Son Loi,Binh Xuyen,Vinh Phuc,Viet Nam
Indonesia after-sales service point +62-21-86612833 +91-21-86612832 JAKARTA Timur Kompleks Rukan Buaran Persada NO.20 J1,SUKAMTO-DUREN SAWIT 12450,INDONESIA
Parts Supply Center
Address Fax 24-hour accessories hotline Telephone
No. 25, Area C, Sanshui Center Science and Technology Industrial Park, Foshan City, Guangdong 0757-87653973 13702557424 0757-87653972(Logistics and distribution on the first floor )、87653975(Business on the second floor)
  • support hotline 0757-87336633

    address :广东省佛山市三水中心科技工业区C区25号